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I am new to the real estate scene and after reading this article ( I came across MortgagesToGo. I thought it looked sketchy with very little useful information about the company, so I politely emailed them and asked them a few questions.

Their answer was incredibly rude, they basically laughed at me by giving me *** answers. Here's a direct quote: "We only have the one lender, That’s the Zocko Mortgage Company on the planet Resputo.

Hope that helps". Even worse, the person who sent me this insulting reply copied it to another employee at MortgagesToGo, thus confirming that it's not just one person, but apparently it's their practice to laugh at their potential clients to their faces.

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If you have lots of equity in your home does it have to be clear title to obtain a loan??

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #681915

The person complaining is clearly in the mortgage business. he asked very personal questions that had no relation to a general mortgage question.

He was so rude that he received a rude response.

The world is full of idiots and this *** needed a kick in the ***. We make no apology.

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